Stationary Refrigeration

Stationary Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Protecting the environment is becoming a major issue for humanity and is very important for our future generations. We apply the latest products with higher energy efficiency and therefore minimal environmental burden from the world’s leading manufacturers in delivery and installation. Danfoss, Alco, LG, Copeland, Maneurop and others are among our leading suppliers of refrigeration technology.

We are able to find a comfortable solution for any requirement in the refrigeration or air conditioning sector. Customers are satisfied when they receive a high quality, reliable and technically advanced product with the right price level and timeless design.

Refrigeration furniture

TEFCOLD wine cabinets

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TEFCOLD stainless steel cabinets

TEFCOLD stainless steel cabinets and tables

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TEFCOLD ice cream freezers

TEFCOLD refrigerated display cabinets

TEFCOLD refrigerated cabinets

Refrigeration Technology

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