Transport refrigeration

We supply and install refrigeration technology from KONVEKTA, the world’s leading manufacturer of transport refrigeration, whether for box vans for food delivery or pharmaceutical vehicles with precise temperature control of sensitive cargo, as well as cooling and heating for multi-chamber vehicles.

Each of our systems is technically sophisticated and designed to meet your exact requirements. It meets environmental standards with low life cycle costs and high operational reliability.

FK_3950, TK_3950

FK_2000, 2010, 2515, 3410 TK 2915, 4010

FK 4250, TK 5550, TK 8050

FK 3950, TK 3950

FK 2720, TK 2920, FK 3020, TK 4020

FK 2320, FK 2620, TK 2520

FK 2220-E, FK 2221-E

FK 1120-E, FK 1121-E